New machines for your best vials

    At SM Pack we care about new technologies and we know that having high performance machines is the first step to deliver a quality product.

    For this reason, we have recently installed two brand new tubular glass converting machines in our Italian plant of Felino. The two machines are able to produce 2.400 vials per hour and to deliver a fully Made in Italy quality product.

    In addition to that, our new machines are equipped with:

    > 2 Production lines
    > 2 Assembly lines
    > 2 Finishing and box packaging lines
    > Automatic steel loading tubes with scratch-resistant arms.
    > 14 clamps
    > Final checking, and inspection systems

    2018-08-02 12:27

    SM Pack SpA (Italy), SM Pack Ibérica, S.L. (Spain) and Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc. (USA) announce a partnership

    SM Pack SpA (Italy), SM Pack Ibérica, S.L. (Spain) and Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc. (USA) announce a partnership agreement to serve both the US and European Markets.  

    The new strategic relationship has been instituted to expand our mutual interests in the European and the North American markets.  This will further strengthen our positions with the combination of our shared collective production capacities and technical expertise. The companies will also explore other opportunities to drive profits and develop new products.

    SM Pack America LLC whose headquarters will be in Vineland, New Jersey USA with the initial aim of expanding the North American Market with products manufactured in the European plants of SM Pack SpA (Italy) and SM Pack Ibérica, S.L. (Spain).

    Worldwide Glass Resources Srl, whose headquarters will be in Felino – Parma, Italy with the initial aim of expanding the European Market with products manufactured in the plants of New Jersey, U.S.A. and Felino – Parma, Italy.

    The European and US manufacturing facilities will serve as Recovery Plants.  This agreement will grant greater safety to both Companies and to all our Customers in the case of natural or industrial disasters.

    For any questions, please contact and 

    2018-05-25 00:00


    Dear Customers,

    We’re glad to inform you that we have decided to improve our management software to make your work with our documents easier and smoother.

    In order to do so, since the beginning of the year, we’ve been developing a multi-languages documents system which will translate all the documents issued to our customers’ preferred language.

    The launch of this system is scheduled by the beginning of the Q2/2018, but we decided to previously test a beta version of the system, and thanks to that, you might have already received translated documents.

    The first version of this new system will support 3 foreign languages: English, Spanish and French.

    We strongly believe this will be an important step towards the internationalization of SM PACK.

    Our goal for the upcoming years is to update the system with more and more languages.


    Thank you for your patience and your kind cooperation.

    Kind regards.

    2018-03-19 11:53
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